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Take Me Out*

April 27, 2010

The air is becoming warmer and the days are becoming longer, and Mother Nature is beckoning me to spend lazy days enjoying the bliss that is spring. It’s time for cookouts, walks on the bike path, and that great American past time…Little League.

What once used to feel like a fun family activity is now feeling like work. It was fun when only one child was old enough for Little League. It was trying when two kids were in Little League. With three kids in Little League, it’s complicated. Add to the mix, a husband who’s taken on coaching responsibility, and well, my head spins with visions of bats, gloves, and batting helmets while the hopes of spending warm days in a hammock with a good book slowly drift away.

In addition to carting kids to practice and games, washing uniforms, and herding equipment, my husband wants me to keep his Book. I have no idea what the Book is or what I should do with said Book, but it seems to be a very important part of baseball. A part, I imagine, might be hard to do if one is at a different baseball game than the one that requires the Book. I also imagine that it might be helpful for a Keeper of the Book to understand baseball terminology and the innings and outs of the game. Since my reply to a fellow parent enquiring about a game detail last season was, “I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about football”, I’m positive I am not even qualified to be in the vicinity of the Book.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like baseball and, of course, like any mom, I love watching my kids in their activities. Each day our family is making memories that we will all cherish for years to come. I’ve often said to myself that I should write this stuff down, because surely with trying to remember everyone’s schedules, I’ll forget the moments in time that will become precious memories when the kids are grown and attending their own children’s activities.

Just like the other day, my middle son who is nine, was excited at the thought of his dad coaching the new expansion team in Little League. He thought he would be able to name the team and gave considerable thought to what it should be. Naturally, moved by his fascination with reptiles, he promptly decided he wanted to be a Diamondback.

When my husband informed him that the league named the team and he would be a Brewer, a big frown replaced the excited glow of being a snake. He pondered this new information for a minute and asked what a Brewer was. My husband told him, and he quickly exclaimed, “I don’t want to be on the drunk team! I want to be a snake…or anything other than a bunch of drunks!”

My husband and I shifted into parental spin-doctor mode, with my husband fiercely defending the team, letting our son know that the Brewers are a team steeped in baseball tradition and because of this, our child should be proud to be a Brewer. I chimed in with the fact the hats have a very cool looking M, which also corresponds to the first letter of our last name. I could tell by the look on his face he wasn’t buying our sales pitch, but he begrudgingly accepted it.
Another milestone this season brings, is my daughter’s decision to join her brothers in America’s favorite past time. This decision truly caught me off guard, as she is the typical girly girl. She’s expressed interest in cheerleading, gymnastics, malls and manicures, but never baseball. She happily sat with me last year cheering on her brothers and playing in the dirt with other little girls in the baseball park.

Nonetheless, we’ve encouraged her to give it the old elementary try and of course, dad is hoping she’ll learn to love the game that is one of his greatest passions. I’m not as optimistic after seeing the team lineup, with many team members being her BFF’s. Nope, I’m thinking Little League for Gracie will end up being a social event, in a uniform and stylish pink cleats, especially since I caught her liberally applying blue eye shadow before her first practice. Oh, how I’d love to be a dandelion in the outfield, privy to the conversations I imagine will consist of nail polish and Barbie dolls.

I can’t wait to get out to the ballpark…after all diamonds are a girl’s best friend.


*Because of my little league and other wifely duties, today’s reading material was written awhile ago. Fresh material coming soon, even if I have to tie up all the kids and/or run away from home.

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