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High Times with Sublime

May 2, 2010

Last night marked another notch in my Year of Concerts Belt.  My niece and new concert buddy, Tara, and I headed to Columbus to see Sublime with Rome and Dirty Heads.  As we made the 50 mile trek from our little hometown, little did we know what fun was in store for us.

As we made our way to the LC, we encountered a huge traffic jam.  It seems the Arena district was a bustle with all kinds of activities last night, making the job of finding a place to park my behemoth of a vehicle quite the chore.  A very grumpy police officer directed us to a parking garage.  As we made our way through the garage looking for a spot, we were stopped dead in our tracks with a sign that declaring the clearance was 6’6”.  I was pretty sure my SUV was taller than that.  So, we backed up and tried to get out of the parking garage, but the gate wouldn’t open.  This right here should have been a sign that we should have forgone the parking garage and searched for open air parking.  Instead, a nice security man on a bike directed me to back up and took me to an eensy teensy spot to put the behemoth in.  Miraculously, I did get into the spot and I wish I had taken a picture of it, because I still don’t believe I got it in there.

So, off we headed to the concert venue.  After a mile long ID check line, security ruffling our bags, and having our tickets scanned we make it inside the joint.  As Dirty Heads began their set, I noticed little puffs of smoke all around us.  Then I noticed a particular smell.  I was surprised at all the people just lighting up their joints right out in the open.  I always thought that shit made you paranoid, but apparently the stuff they were smoking last night makes you feel invisible.

As the concert went on, we started to feel like soggy sardines marinating in a cloud of pot smoke.  I had 2 beers but probably could have had more, since I think I was sweating it out faster than it was going in.  By the time Sublime made it to the stage, I had a pretty sweet contact buzz going.  This is also about the time the crowd got really rowdy — so much for the mellowing aspect of herb.  And actually, I think it made me a little passive aggressive, because I delicately placed my beer bottle at the feet of the stoned chick next to me, in hopes she’d trip on it and get out of my way.

Overall, the concert was great.  Dirty Heads blew me away with their rendition of “Paint it Black” and their own “Lay Me Down.” Sublime with Rome rocked out.  I was a bit hesitant, going in with the thought that it wasn’t going to be the same without Bradley Nowell, and while he can never be replaced, Rome Ramirez definitely brought some fresh energy to Sublime.  Undeniably, the kid showed off some mad guitar skills.

After such a high time, it was back to the parking garage for us.  Who knew most of the drama we would encounter that night would happen in the parking garage?  To sum it up, we couldn’t get out.  None of the gates we found would lift and allow us entry back onto the mean the streets of Columbus.  And the only other way out, clearly stated that the clearance was 6”6” which looked way too close to the roof of my Navigator.  So Tara stuck her head out of the sunroof to make sure we didn’t get stuck and a nice Nigerian man led us to the exit.  By the way, don’t count on the parking garage assistance button to actually provide any assistance.  I think it really just activates a hidden camera to tape idiots who can’t get out of the parking garage.


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