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Something Fishy is Going On

September 29, 2014

fish fryA few days ago, I saw another ad for a fish fry. And it got me thinking. Is the fish fry as popular everywhere else as it is here? How exactly did the whole fish fry craze begin? Was some guy just sitting around one day, wondering how to make some extra cash for his social club? And then he said, “well by gosh, let’s buy hundreds of pounds of fish and fry them up!”

Personally, I don’t see the allure of the fish fry. Or any food made in mass quantities, but that’s just me. It seems to me, the more of something you make; the less it tastes good. However, I’ve noticed that does not prevent people from coming in droves to the fish fry. Around here, mention the words fish fry, and you’ll see a line so long, you’d think they were handing out free money.

But they aren’t. They are serving up fish fried in mass quantities, soggy bread, baked beans from a can (without the needed doctoring of ketchup, mustard, Worchester sauce, and my secret spice mix), and store bought potato salad. Don’t get me wrong, I like fish – I was raised Catholic and ate it every Friday, whether I liked it or not. And maybe my aversion comes from the fact of that one time I overdid it at the all-you-can-eat Catfish buffet at The Catfish House in Clarksville, Tennessee, and puked my guts out for days. Or maybe it’s just the smell of fish and grease that does me in. It’s really not a pleasant smell. In any event, people seem to love the fish fry. It’s the go-to choice for groups doing fundraising. In my neck of the woods, you could be raising money to fund sweatshops in Ethiopia, and people would be lined up a mile long to buy fish.

I’m truly not trying to hurt anybody’s feels here either. I guess when you’re fundraising; you gotta go with what people dig. I get that. Apparently Southern Ohioans like the fish. Personally, I’d dig a delicious ice cream sundae, or even a hot dog with some sauce and cheese. It’s virtually impossible to fuck up a hot dog. Amirite?

I’d totally wait in line for a hot dog with some sauce and cheese with a side of ice cream sundae. Wouldn’t you? I mean I kinda do it on a regular basis at DQ, and they even give me some fries and a drink for five bucks…

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