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Damn You, Wrong Emoji 

March 1, 2017

So the other day, I was texting a friend and made a funny comment, to which I wanted to add the 😂 emoji. 

But due to my advanced age and poor eyesight, I hit 😘 instead. After seeing what I had done, I immediately thought “oh shit” and sent the obligatory “what I meant to say” text. Lucky for me, I have cool friends. 

But the whole thing got me thinking. What if Trump were texting some really bad hombre, Putin perhaps, and he meant to send a little 😉, but instead he hit 💣.

I mean he’s consideribly older than me, so his eyesight is probably a lot worse than mine and he has those bigly hands, which would make hitting the wrong emoji even more likely. Oh shit, indeed. 

People. We are literally one mistaken emoji away from WWIII.

Quick! Someone get DT a Jitterbug. 😱

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