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Do you Have a Mom? Then you should care about International Women’s Day

March 8, 2017

momIf it weren’t already apparent, I am a woman. I support and encourage other women. This isn’t a competition; there is enough room for us all to be successful. I have been looking forward to International Women’s Day for over a month now. When I first heard about the strike, I was all in. I was going to call in sick and take a stand. But after some consideration, I realized that in my current work situation, I would just be screwing another woman who didn’t have the choice to stay at home.

So instead, I proudly showed up to work wearing red. I excitedly looked around at my 95% female workplace hoping to see a sea of red. I saw ONE other woman. I asked her if she wore red on purpose, to which she responded no. I was sort of crushed. But I explained to her the meaning of red today, and she was fully on board and glad that it just so happened she wore red. And that made me smile.

What doesn’t make me smile is hearing other women express that they don’t believe inequality exists. I have a hard time believing that a woman living in 2017 has never experienced a situation that would lead them to realize that women are treated differently in our society. Are they saying they’ve never experienced discrimination in the work place? They’ve never been paid less money for equal work? That they’ve never experienced sexual harassment? That they’ve never been dismissed for concerns that are important to them? They’ve never been called crazy or hysterical for reacting to a situation? That they’ve never been dissuaded from pursuing something because they “are a girl”? That they’ve never had a domestic violence case dismissed because it was just a “misunderstanding”?

Nope. Not buying it. Just because you haven’t personally experienced any of those things, does not mean that another woman hasn’t. I’ve experienced some of those things. I know women who have experienced some of those things. I see women experiencing those things every day in the course of my work. I could tell you horror stories of the situations I’ve been in that would make your head spin, much like Regan MacNeil’s head did in The Exorcist.

If you think all of these things don’t exist, let me offer an alternative view. You say you don’t believe women experience inequality because you don’t personally see it in your life? Well, following that logic, you also can’t actually see carbon monoxide, but I assure you, it exists. If you don’t believe me, hook a hose up to the exhaust pipe of your car and stick it in the passenger area. Hop in, roll up the window, and turn your engine on. While you wait, turn on some Pink Floyd. I suggest The Wall. By Track 19 (Comfortably Numb), you should be drifting off into La La Land, and I’m not talking about the musical movie that was recently released. I urge you to tell me what happens at this point. Oh wait, you won’t be able to tell me, because you’ll be dead.

Obviously, I’m not suggesting that you should go commit suicide to prove my point (legal disclaimer for the less than intelligent folk). I am simply trying to illustrate the point that just because you don’t see something happening, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Is it going to kill you to believe a woman experiences this shit every day? Nope. All it requires is that you open your mind and show some love to someone who doesn’t have it as good as you do.

Women are not demanding you to give up something that you’ve worked hard to accomplish. We are not demanding a hand out. We are not demanding special treatment. We are simply demanding equal treatment. Is that really so hard?

For a country that touts freedom and liberty for all, we are far behind the curve when it comes to women and the issues that affect them. I know everyone in this country has a mother. Do you not want the best for the woman who gave birth to you?

Are you OK with that weirdo on the street telling your mom he wants to eat her pussy? Are you OK with your mom making 75 cents while the man working next to her makes $1.00? Are you OK with your mom’s boss telling her that she would be fuckable if not for her fat ass?

No? Then you should be supporting EVERY damn thing that supports equality for women.

The End.






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