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February 5, 2020

To all of you who have said:

Elections don’t matter

Both parties are the same

Both candidates are horrible

The Congress will keep him in check

But, Obama…

But, Bill Clinton…

I didn’t vote

Well, the economy is good sooo…

Look at the stock market!

Her emails

We need civility

You’re just a libtard


Shithole countries

If they didn’t want to be separated from their kids, they shouldn’t have come here

Well, history will judge them poorly

It doesn’t affect me so I don’t care

Politics are dumb

Get over it

There are very fine people on both sides

Yes, asking for a foreign country to intercede in our elections is horrible, but it doesn’t warrant removal from office

He learned his lesson

Fuck you. Then fuck you again harder. And then fuck you once again with 2 dicks. Without lube.

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