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Making America Sick

May 27, 2020


We could’ve done better.

This is supposed to be the greatest country on the planet. The land of the free; the home of the brave. 

What I’ve witnessed in the last few months makes me question that. I feel like I’m in a perpetual King’s Island Hell on a runaway roller coaster that hasn’t been inspected for safety and there’s no way I can get off this ride because 30% of the group I’m with voted that this is the best ride around. 

The naysayers will say I’m a snowflake and they can’t understand why I wouldn’t want to go on a ride that only has a death rate of 6%. They argue that there are other rides that kill less people per year, so why shouldn’t I take my chances with this ride? And if I don’t take my chances on this ride, then King’s Island will completely shut down and cease to exist, thus humanity and the home of the free and brave will also cease to exist, and then the people who work at King’s Island won’t have a job. 

Maybe I’m being stupid, but if you kill all the people who could ride the roller coaster, then King’s Island is probably going to go out of business anyway. But this analogy is flawed. It assumes that people are choosing to ride a roller coaster and they simply have a 6% chance of dying from doing so. 

The reality is that we aren’t talking about an activity that one does and that activity has no impact on the other people around them. We are talking about a virus that is highly contagious. And we are dealing with a leaderless, selfish population that only cares about themselves and their immediate desires. They need haircuts, pedicures, and a fucking gym workout. 

They don’t care if your wife just had chemo. They don’t care that your kid has asthma. They don’t care that your 80 year old diabetic grandma is recovering from a hip replacement. Well, just stay at home if you’re scared, gotdamnit! They need to get haircuts, manicures, and lift weights. So, fuck you and your unfortunate circumstances. 

They don’t understand how viruses work. Apparently science is as taboo as porn used to be. I never want to hear these asshats preach to me ever again about abortion or having to breath the same air as a nearby smoker. Where is the freedom of those people to kill other innocent people? You can argue it’s not the same, but you’re wrong. 

Yes, the flu kills 50,000 people per year. And that’s absolutely horrible in a developed nation who claims to be the best on the entire planet. You actually should be mad about that. Corona Virus killed 100,000 people in 3 months. You should be fucking outraged by that. But, apparently here in the US, we don’t teach people about exponential virus growth, public health, or common decency. 


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